Unique Dream Wedding


1- Want to get married by the sea? Portugal receives some of the best weather in Europe – long warm summers without any major spikes in temperature and an abundance of sunshine.

2- Not too hot, not too cold. Portugal has the best of both worlds with warm summers and mild winters which means you can still have your outdoor wedding in the winter months. 

3- We are spoiled with over 1000 km of pristine beaches. The most beautiful of which, in our opinion, is Cascais bay (especially stunning during sunsets).

4- Portugal is a great wedding destination. But it’s also a fantastic honeymoon spot. With cosy beach villas to modern apartments and hotels in vibrant cities, Portugal has everything you could want to for the perfect honeymoon.

5- Portugal is proud say that it was one of the first countries to allow same sex marriages. Everybody is welcome here.

A Portugal Wedding is a real life changing experience…

6- Is your dream wedding a simple, intimate elopement? If so, Portugal is the place for you. Our laws do not require any witnesses at your ceremony. 

7- Residency before a civil ceremony is not required, so you can spend as much or as little time in Portugal before your big day.

8- If there is one thing the Portuguese do well its food, wine & port. We are especially renowned for our pastries and seafood. All of our delicacies can be incorporated into your wedding day giving your guests a true flavour of Portugal.

9- Certain times of the year are classed as ‘off season’ in the portuguese wedding industry which can be very advantageous as many venues offer substantial discounts

10- Portugal offers good value for money whilst still offering a first class service. Many venues, for example offer an open bar for a certain length of time within as part of their wedding package.   

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