Two day destination wedding at Sintra.

Poonam and Lakshan… what a lovely couple from New York. This wedding was definitely full of promises, with two religious ceremonies: Christian and Hindu.

Poonam is Hindu from the USA and Lakshan is Christian from Sri Lanka.  It was a beautiful event with a fun mix of cultures, so the result could only be colors, party and dance, lots of food and plenty smiles.

This wedding was a minimalist but unforgettable. In terms of events, everything took place in Sintra. First day, we had all the indian rituals and the second day the white wedding followed by a stunning reception where everyone celebrated until early-morning.

There is something very magical and great about an Indian Wedding and we always feel part of it in each one we plan. We get so attached to each couple that we keep always a great friendship.


Planning & Design: Unique Dream Wedding
Photo: Pedro Vilela
Video: Vip Weddings
Flowers: GreenPick
Hair and Make-up: Miguel Stapleton and Tânia de Sousa
White dress: Suzanne Haward
DJ & AV: Jukebox
Venue: Penha Longa


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