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Your wedding day is as much a dream to you as it is to us!

The services

Wedding planning Lisbon | Portugal

At Unique Dream Weddings we can create the wedding of your dreams, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience. You can use us as a platform to build your ideas and we will transform them to reality. We are a young, dynamic team with plenty of energy. We pride ourselves in our collaborative approach to wedding planning, we want to get to know each couple as much as possible. Each couple is unique and their wedding day should be a reflection of their personalities.

Portugal is a spectacular wedding destination with hundreds of venues, from picturesque beaches to rustic country houses to old forts. We have partnerships with some of the best venues in Lisbon and the rest of Portugal. Our services are diverse and affordable. We understand how important budgeting is and we are transparent with pricing from the beginning. We have built great relationships with vendors from florists, DJs, videographers, photographers, makeup artists, Catholic and Hindu priests, caterers and so on. Our complete wedding package can help with all of this from the venue sourcing to the logistics on the day of the wedding.

Venue sourcing


To select the venue, is one of the most important parts when it comes to wedding- planning. The location must fit all the guests, work within your budget, provide a high- top service and suit all your wishes. Of course, it must be the perfect venue! The venue of your dreams! We will create a list of venues with all your requirements, and we will help you in making the best decision.
Event design styling


Besides planning your wedding experience in Portugal, Unique Dream Wedding will design your event days. We will inspire ourselves in our clients’ tastes, and afterwards we will create a Unique Dream Wedding moodboard with draws, layouts, colors, textures, florals, textiles, florals, stationery, everything needed to create your dream day. All the events are tailor-made for each couple and all the design as well.
Vendors selection


​​To source the best vendors, booking their services and manage logistics is also a substantial phase in the planning process. We do have a selection of vendors and we trust for all our weddings. It’s a list with all the vendors aligned to deliver a high-quality service. All of them pride on quality, deliver a prompt work and accommodate the couple requests correctly.
budget management


We will help you execute your vision within a budget you are comfortable with. Whilst budgeting isn’t the most glamourous part of wedding plannin it is one of the most important. We understand the need to stay within a budget. Good communication is vital – we will be in contact regularly with payment schedules and budget updates. We negotiate group rates when possible and negotiate the best packages/deals when applied. We also keep a track of when things need to be paid so as how much and when.
Coordination of the day


​​We love producing unique and memorable experiences. For us a destination wedding is an experience and therefore many things to create magic in these days is super important. In everything we touch, we want to put magic in, such as designing, styling, music and audiovisuals, building structures or have special dancers. All the details will be uniquely created and planned to provide your dream wedding, an unforgettable one.


On-site coordination by our team from the set-ups until the end of the party. After so many days of planning behind, we want to witness everything next to you. We want to ensure all the details, vendors, logistics are running perfectly. Depending on each project our team is up to 5 coordinators, and we will supervise and set everything in place just as we planned and envisioned for the last months.


At Unique Dream Wedding, we believe that all the fun starts with the planning – we are all about the planning! We truly appreciate how much time, money and effort involved in a couple’s wedding journey.

Our team is able to cater to weddings of various cultures whether it be European, Asian, Hindu or Sikh. We can find Catholic or Hindu priests and scores of stunning venues, From a one day event to a three day Indian Wedding, our team will be at the center of it all.

We know it’s the smallest details that can have the greatest impact to the wedding experience. Regardless of what level of service you select, we will ensure these small details are thoroughly thought. Our services are here to allow you to further enjoy the planning process, as well as treasure each moment of your special day. 

Whether it is Indian catering, mendhi artists, mandap hire, Indian décor, Indian entertainment, ceremony material and ingredients and religious paperwork – we have it all covered. We understand the vital role traditions play in a wedding and we are able to combine these with modern elements. Your ideas will be put into motion and you dream will become reality. On the wedding day, we’ll coordinate and organize all moments exquisitely so you and your loved ones will have a truly memorable experience.

Our mission is to ensure you have the time of your life and enjoys every minute of your wedding day.


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